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we got this submission, thank you!:

There is a “Lisztomania” cover done by a singer in the Philippines by the name of Clara Benin. I’m not sure if this is the cover that someone asked about here a while back, though.  You can check the said cover in either of these two sites: a Phoenix Facebook fan page (Manila Wants Phoenix - the song was posted on March 14, 2014) or check out Clara’s Soundcloud page, clarabeninmusic.  Hope this helps.  :) 

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I found this a few days ago, Too Young & Victim Of The Crime from like 2004. Happy fan girl/boy-ing!

thanks to niallisdoingthings!

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music feeds interview (thanks naiiveteen!)

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Kinga at The Victoires!! They thanked their wives and asked how to go out of the stage

Aww thanks for sharing! :’)

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The day I met Phoenix, the nicest band in the world. 

(Phoenix Live in Singapore)

ilovephoenix: SO CUTE! Thanks for sharing! :-)

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Deck D’arcy with my seemingly grade school artwork. Hahaha.

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Chris taking a photo of my nails & poster. :D

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it on their instagram account, minutes later. 

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My jacket signed by the four Parisian boys with brotherly love. 

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Phoenix + The Shins= 1901 Slang

Thanks for the submission lisztomaria!

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Phoenix Live at Corona Capital, México (1:06:22) 

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