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I didn’t get up close but I was in the area where Thomas Mars was crowdsurfing after the show. And I saw his wife Sofia Coppola running around! #govballnyc


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The most beautiful and luckiest couple ever.

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We’ve been working with [Sofia Coppola] many times, not in this way but we’ve done music for her movies. Every movie has a Phoenix song at least. So it was not that new for us. And it’s very important for us to collaborate with people we trust and people we know. It’s better for the quality I think.
—Christian on Sofia Coppola directing Chloroform (x)
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PHOENIX  + -  ”Chloroform”

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Here’s the video for those who haven’t seen it yet.

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I feel like I like to always have a Phoenix song, maybe for good luck.
—Sofia Coppola (x)
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Sofia Coppola on Directing Phoenix’s “Chloroform” Video


Anne Morra: Your brother Roman has directed a number of music videos for Phoenix, for which your husband Thomas Mars is the lead singer. Why are you now directing the video for the new song “Chloroform”?

Sofia Coppola: I’ve always loved Phoenix, and the videos Roman did for them. I love the song “Chloroform,” and I had an idea based on a photo, and since I haven’t done many videos, I like trying things that are unfamiliar. The idea came from a photo by Joseph Sterling in his book The Age of Adolescence. Thomas’s sister’s boyfriend, Mateo, who works at the Book Marc store, gave me the book last X-mas.


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While they’re not quite Jay ZandBeyonce, perhaps they are the indie equivalent, with Sofia Coppola and Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars marking a pretty unique power couple. The recently married filmmaker and musician have collaborated creatively, with Phoenix contributing music to both “Somewhere" (the band scored the film) and "The Bling Ring" (which featured the song "Bankrupt!"). And now, the roles are being reversed.

Mars recently chatted withThe West Australian, and while no direct quote is provided, they say the singer revealed that “wife Coppola just finished making her first-ever music video for Phoenix.” No word yet on what song it will be for, but it’s not the first time Coppola has tried to make a video from the band’s music. Way back in 2010, it was reported that Coppola was trying adapt “Love Like A Sunset” into a film, but while nothing came of it, she did wind up using the song to open “Somewhere.” Nonetheless, we’re curious to see what tune will get her treatment.

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